Feeding technology - Industry 4.0 ready


EVO Line


With the fully digital feeding system TCFEVO Line from our product portfolio of intelligent screw feeding systems, we would like to introduce you to our revolutionary feeding system in modular design.

The TCFEVO Line  is equipped with a 5″ display and has its own artificial intelligence (AI). Via the integrated HMI we realise the interface between system and user. Furthermore, we offer a unique modular system with which we can individually adapt the feeding system to your needs.

  • One for all
    • One housing size for all screw units and cup sizes
    • Standardised basic module
    • Licensed modular system – over 33 possible combinations
    • Integrated control (AI) plus 5″ HMI
    • best price/performance ratio
    • Energy saving over 80% energy saving* due to intelligent drive control. No voltage transformer losses compared to 24V technology as well as minimal use of compressed air
    • All systems are delivered to the customer fully adjusted – ready to use
    • Absolutely minimal integration effort for special machines
    • Integration through standardised interfaces and integrated AI
  • Industry 4.0 ready
    • Communication via bus systems possible
    • Digital twin for maximum availability
    • EVO Line SPiW – jam-free buffer section thanks to intelligent conveyor management and high-speed drive

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