Handheld screwdriver


TC-HF (feed stroke screwdriver):

The TC-HF handheld screwdriver differs from the TC-HS in that the screw protrudes firmly. The fixed protruding screw makes it easy to find the screwing location and, if necessary, to join the components. The TC-HF is the right system, especially if the nozzle is not allowed to touch components during the screwdriving process, or if deeper assembly points (e.g. countersink or offsets) are to be screwed. The integrated stroke monitoring ensures that there are not two screws in the nozzle at the same time, which significantly increases the availability.

  • Fixed protruding screw
  • Bit is in screw drive
  • Control monitored screwing process ( Not two screws in the nozzle, safe process)
  • Nozzle does not touch the component
  • Pneumatic or electric drive
  • Guiding the screw in the mouthpiece during the entire fastening process (drilling screw)
  • Screw stroke is performed by the system, fatigue-free work for the operator
  • Optional vacuum and pistol grip available

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