Modules TCF EVO Line

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Control module TC-HS V2 for TCF-EVO Line

Control module TC-HF V2 for TCF-EVO Line

Control of the automatic add-on units (TC-AM, TC-AS, TC-AH and TC-HF)

Maintenance unit with pressure gauge

Optional pressure sensor

Grant control and readiness control

Sensor-sensed separation with automatic interference suppression

ModBus TCP only in combination with module TC-AX

Fill level control for TCF EVO Line

Electric screwdriver communication (I.O./N.I.O.) and screwdriver start for stand-alone systems

Vacuum screw joint for complicated and deep screw joints.

Depth shut-off for pneumatic screwdrivers

Depth shut-off for electric screwdrivers

Counting and portioning screws

External start option

Enables remote start of the TC-HF V2

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